What a day…

What a bizarre long and horrible day…

I had to run a million and one errands this morning before racing to work only to find Gerry in a tizzy cause the shop was busy and needed my receptionist skills then our photocopier suddenly went kaput. I had to run across town and get a new temporary one cause the photocopy guys don’t work on the weekend.

Query: Why does the photocopier always die on the weekends?

A guy fully road-raged at me for honking my horn at him (He cut in front of me and almost caused an accident while I had the right of way). He actually got out of the car and started yelling at me and tapping on the glass. Thankfully the windows were closed and I quickly locked the doors and was so scared that I actually called 911.

I will admit that by making the universal symbol for “you are crazy” with my middle finger didn’t make things better… but he got out of his car because I honked. WTF?? I totally started crying when I was talking to the 911 guy… he was very sweet and told me I did the right thing by calling and giving him the dudes plate number.

The day ended nicely with a nice game of frisbee fetch with Fergus and Gerry… sigh. I can’t wait for this day to be over so tomorrow can be better.

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