What a bummer …

I just read the latest Ecorazzi blog about who they think should be on Food Network and neither my name or Isa’s are on that list.

What the fudge?

Should I start wearing a chef’s jacket so I can get some props? What a bummer…

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  1. Jeska says:

    Dear Sarah

    Even though you deleted me off your facebook because we aren’t friends in real life I still cherish the time we hung out together at the Boston Veg Fest last year and talked about scooters and vegan cooking. haha =) If I were to think of any vegan chef to be on any food channel you would be the first to come to my mind. Stupid of Ecorazzi to not recognize the huge strides you made in your vegan cookbooks over 10 years ago before most of those people on that list were even vegan!


  2. Michelle says:

    I’d only heard of one of those names. All my vegan books are by you and Isa.

    I’d absolutely love for both of you to be on TV – would be great to see such cool kick ass women showing how to cook great tasting vegan food.

  3. Stacia says:

    That is sooooo not cool. My vegan cookbooks are all either Isa’s or yours! They clearly have no idea how much you guys changed the vegan world. (Or how much you rock.)

  4. Holly says:

    It seems like they were only considering professionally trained chefs… At least two chefs on that list were trained at The Natural Gourmet Institute of Health and Culinary Arts, and one is a renowned professional caterer nationwide.

    That said, I like your cookbooks MUCH better than Bryant Terry’s (the only chef on that list that I recognize), and I think it’s bullcrap that they only considered professionally trained chefs. Yours and Isa’s recipes are BETTER than most professional chefs’!!

  5. jess says:

    didn’t both you and Isa come out of the zine/punk vegan scene? I have never watched Food Network but if it’s like most american television i’ll bet they don’t know how to deal with real people who don’t come from a sell-sell-sell framework (to say nothing of being able to deal with animal welfare issues in those shows…)

    while i’m sure the money would be good and the exposure valuable, could you ever actually do what you want to do on commercial american televison?

  6. Edamommy says:

    You ARE listed in this thread:


    Cooking Channel is at least listening. 😉


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