A dude from The Letterman show called this morning about us getting tickets on the 19th!!

I’m waiting to hear from Kate who is the ticket arranger person… apparently she’s going to ask me a skill testing question. I’M FREAKING OUT!! What if I don’t know the answer and we don’t get the tickets!!??

It has to be an easy question right? RIGHT? I seriously can’t remember the last time I was up late enough to watch Letterman. *laugh* Oh no.

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  1. achangeinscenery says:

    When I went to see him, I didn’t have advance tickets, I just called the morning I wanted to go (I think 11 am, they tape at 4 pm). They asked me who owned the Hello Deli. Pretty easy question, though there were people in line that were able to get same day tickets who didn’t know the answer to the question they were asked but were still able to get in. This was during February as well, so I’d suggest that if you don’t get tickets over the phone to try on one of the days you are there, because it could still happen.

    Hopefully you get good guests, the show I saw was lame… Harry Conick Jr as a guest AND the musical guest, and Sean Astin… =(. Still very exciting for the experience, of course, and I rocked my “Vegetarianism is for Lovers” shirt, which you could see during the audience sweep =)

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