Went to Vegetarian Haven with my friends last night…MAN!! I sure do love to eat. 🙂

Gerry had a faux fishy type meal. Can’t remember what everything else was… but it sure was yum!

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  1. primaryconsumer says:

    Yum! That last picture looks so real it’s scary. 🙁
    I love you and your blog and your cookbooks!

  2. kinziephoto says:

    man – your posts are making me hungry!

  3. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    What a lot of food! They don’t skimp on portions, do they?
    Is that a fake shrimp-type thing in the bottom photo? That’s kinda creepin’ me out. I grew up on the East Coast and despite what people want to think…I never did like seafood. (“You’re from the Maritimes. You must love lobster then, eh”? ?WTF?) One thing I do sometimes miss since going veg is poached salmon. Sarah (or anyone else reading) if you know where I can get some (or make some) faux salmon (or if there even is such a thing), please let me know.
    Where are you eating today? Can’t wait!

  4. AngelA says:

    Next time you go, I double-dog-dare you to get the Cookie Monster…. (They take a cookie, and blend it up with ice “cream” and (soy) milk, into one crazy milk shake…. even better, instead of the cookie….a piece of cake… or PIE!

  5. DreamQueen says:

    Yay for Veg Haven! I told you it rocked out! Waah, those photos have made me hungry.

  6. Cynthia says:

    the shrimp are scary-real looking, whats in them?

  7. Kramers says:

    What exactly is faux fish made from?
    Like what is actually inside the shrimp shell looking thingy??

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