The post office box was good to me again yesterday!

I got my Secret Society of Vegans red & black t-shirt today and it’s f-n swanky as hell!! Thanks Rudee!!

And my parents sent me a present that they brought me back from Rome. God they know me so well… *laugh* I love me shakey snow domes and the kitchier the better. There is nuttin cheezier than a dome filled with the pope. I shrieked like a crazy person when I opened my packed. I love my parents!!This week our new couch finally arrived that we ordered in Feb. I’ve never owned a brand new couch before…I’ve always had 2nd hand furniture and I think 37 is a good age to purchase a brand new sofa… Fergus liked it right away.So did Gerry… finally a sofa almost long enough for him to lay on… the man is very very tall. Fergus has also settled in quite nicely.For lunch Gerry and I hit Re-Bar on the way to the bank. I haven’t been in a while and was happy to hear that the soup special was vegan today. Can’t remember what it was… but it was potato chick-pea something.Gerry had the Tempeh Reuben sandwich. I’m so pooped today… It’s my first day back at work since we got back from Toronto and my house is still a disaster from unpacking and laundry and the new sofa. Ack. I need a clone.

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  1. Kramers says:

    I like the couch.
    very nice.

  2. Kramers says:

    You never answer any of the questions we post about your blog.

  3. Sarah's Blog says:

    We like it too.

  4. Carrieâ„¢ says:

    New furniture is such a great thing. Like you, I only had second-hand couches. About 10 years ago, I bought one all by myself at Eaton’s. I took such good care of it. It lasted and lasted…then it got Jack Russellized. I need new upholstery.
    Enjoy your RED sofa!! I love that colour.

  5. KleoPatra says:

    Fergus makes himself right at home. That’s so cool!

  6. girl least likely to says:

    wheee! is right!

    we just bought a brand!new!couch! a couple of weeks ago, and are waiting for it to be delivered. i’m beyond excited.

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