Gerry and I had a very nice lazy day today. We walked the dog and let him wizz a little and then brought him back home, it is waaayyy tooooo hot out today for dogs. Then we walked to the art gallery to see the Western Academy of Photography graduating class exhibit. Really great photos, very inspiring.

Wandered around downtown a little and bought a new lens cap for my camera (I have NO idea where I lost the first one), had a little visit at The Zoo and then hit the new Mountain Equipment Co-op that just opened in Victoria. I found a killer bicycle helmet with a skull on it…so now I can ride my bike again. Weeeee!!
At what point is it silly for a woman my age to like skulls? I say never. I’ll always be a pirate!! ARRRGGGH!! And yes… I’m wearing a scarf under my helmet. Some of you may wonder why… those of you with curly hair know why. Nuff said.

Then we wandered home. Said hello to the dog and I spent some time relaxing… For me that means cleaning! I cleaned the bathroom, the living room and the bedroom. Ahhhh. Feels great. Didn’t take me long as our house is 617 sq feet. I have no idea how we both live in this tiny space… but we manage. 🙂

My Auntie Bonnie just popped by to say hello on her way to the dentist. My buddy Bettina is coming over tonight to watch ANTM. Now it’s OPRAH TIME! By the way…when is that biatch going to have me on her show?? 🙂

Gonna put on the kettle and settle down with a cup of tea.
What a great day. 🙂

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