Washington DC

Favourite places to visit? Best places to eat?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Java Green is the BEST vegan place to eat! Check out Sticky Fingers bakery too.

  2. Deb says:

    I'd have to agree that Java Green and Stickyfingers are must-do places.

    Asylum if you want a completely unhealthy sunday brunch. Axum if you want the best Ethiopian food around. La Rumba if you want really super mojitos.

    If you can get a ride out to Great Sage, in Clarksville, MD, that's my favorite sit down restaurant, even though it is a pain to get to.

    I haven't been to Vegetate in a while, but unless things have changed, they have really interesting and delicious side dishes and desserts, but main dishes that aren't worth ordering.

    I keep hearing about a newly returned burrito cart (http://www.pedroandvinnys.com/) that is vegetarian, and sounds like it would thus have to be vegan or vegan-friendly as well. I am not actually in that area often enough to have checked it out, but there is an email address listed. People in DC who have never even considered going vegetarian rave about this burrito cart, and it made real waves among DC area specific bloggers when it returned. So I'm intrigued!

    As for other things to do, the smithsonian museums are free, so it is worth going to the museum of natural history if only to see the hope diamond, and you'd probably enjoy the national museum of art too. There are a lot of choices when it comes to museums!

    My real favorite place to visit is poplar spring animal sanctuary, but that requires a car too.

    You could rent a bike in georgetown and ride it out to the great falls along the c&o canal.

    I am doubting you really have that much time though!

  3. westof124 says:

    Sticky Fingers… absolutely! I have to try out Java Green sometime.

    A museum that is not free but I like because it’s quirky is the International Spy Museum. Great museum store – I bought a “Songs of the Russian Proletariat” CD there one visit (released on Melodiya, the old USSR state record label). Lots of interesting stuff there.


  4. jeremy says:

    when we were down there a few weeks ago we found this in the hotel, but everything was closed/too far away when we got into D.C.

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