Had some sweet nice folks come visit me yesterday at the shop. 🙂
My fans are rad.
I need a haircut badly.
I am short.
Or maybe others are tall…

And if you look behind us you can see all the red walls I’ve painted.

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0 Responses to visitors

  1. Kramers says:

    nice paint job.

  2. KleoPatra says:

    Love yer Secret Society t-shirt. Spiffy. The walls are gorgeous! Look at all that fab art. The peeps who visited you are so cute, too. Nice photo, Sarah.

  3. jromer says:

    perfect photo! hey, nice red wall!

  4. rudee [SSOV] says:

    yes, what a nice t-shirt indeed.

  5. Danielle says:

    I prefer the term “vertically challenged.” Sometimes it suck being short, like when I’m trying to reach something on a high shelf, but it’s not like I can magically grow five or six inches, so I deal.

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