Victoria Vegan Festival 2013 Meeting TONIGHT!

I know this is short notice but TONIGHT we are having a meeting for the 2013 Victoria Vegan Festival located in Market Square and we would love to have you attend. The meeting will be at Green Cuisine at 6:30. Come early at 6 and have dinner with me. 🙂

We’re looking for people to join our amazing team for the Second Annual VVF, in Market Square on July 1st (Canada Day) – we’re looking for people who want to help promote veganism, and have several hours they can spare each month leading up to the event.

Nearly all our organizing team from the 2012 are returning, but in order to make it even bigger and more successful, we’re hoping to draw in a few more people so that we can accomplish even more!

If you’re keen, or would like to find out more about what’s involved, come to our first planning meeting, this Wednesday (Jan 23rd), 6:30pm at Green Cuisine (join us at 6pm if you’d like to get a bite to eat and chat a bit first.)

Hope you’ll join us in making this one of the best vegan festivals in North America!!

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