Victoria Vegan Fest

Hey everyone – it was a very successful meeting the other night, we had 17 people out, and our full volunteer list is edging on 40, how amazing is that! Dave and I are very excited for what’s going to happen!! It will be the Victoria Vegan Festival, held in Market Square on Sunday, July 1st (Canada Day).

First point is that our next meeting will be Wed, Mar 21st, 6:30pm at Green Cuisine (6pm if you want to get a bite first.) Please reserve this date!

The next-most urgent matter is we’re going to put together a bake sale fundraiser which will be the World Wide Vegan Bake Sale Day event on Saturday, April 28th, at Sarah’s Place in Market Square. This will be our BIGGEST chance to raise money for the Veg Fest, so we want to make this a HUGE event, with tons of goodies and people coming buy to eat our delicious food! Please plan to bake something for this!! We’ve raised over $1000 each of the last two years, and let’s see if we can double that!

Our third task is of brainstorming – we’re looking for ideas for entertainers, activities for kids, speakers and presenters for the event to speak on vegan matters. We’re also looking for vegan and animal-related non-profit organizations and businesses to set up and display. Now is the time to daydream and aim high, and we’ll start digging into the list and seeing what we can make happen. Ideally local (BC, Washington), but let’s not limit ourselves, sometimes people are in the area at the right time as well!

The final task is an event logo. Any artists out there? We need a graphic to identify the event with, to put on posters, tshirts, mugs, aprons and who knows what else.

A new website with all the festival information is forthcoming … but in the meantime – please let us know what you’d like to see at the festival!!

And if you’d like to volunteer … please drop Dave (dave a line and he’ll put you on the list! 🙂


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