Victoria Vegan Fest update

Howdy howdy – just a quick report from our meeting last Wed!
All our Captains gave updates on their areas, and we brainstormed more ideas for each – too many to list in this email, but we’ve got lots of fun things shaping up for adults and kids!

There will be more fundraising events coming up, will keep you posted on these as they materialize. One item we didn’t get to: if we were to do more movie nights, any ideas or suggestions for movies? They can be fun or silly, or documentaries (something like Blue Planet?)

We also previewed draft logo and t-shirt designs, and they’re looking really good!!

And finally, our big Bake Sale is coming up quick, and we need to get posters on this out ASAP! Hayley is our Promotions coordinator, and if there’s an area of town you can cover, please send her a note to let her know where, and arrange getting some posters.

It’s really important that we get the word out, so please don’t be shy! The money raised there will be our primary fundraising for the event, so we gotta make this count – our goal is $2,000! Please be sure to spread the word – on Facebook and Twitter, mention it to friends and family and co-workers (got a busy coffee room at work? Get a poster up there too!)

And note in your calendars – the next meeting will be April 18th, same times and location, hope you can join us!! These are open to everyone, not just Captains, so let’s see you there! =)

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