Victoria Vegan Fest – meeting

The Victoria Vegan Festival (Canada Day in Market Square!) is taking shape in the background, Dave and I have been slogging through a lot of the boring logistics (a non-profit society you say?), and we’re now prepared to involve those who want to help get this party started!!  🙂

Our next meeting is this coming Wednesday, Mar 21st, 6:30pm at Green Cuisine (join us at 6pm for a bite to eat before).

We’re moving past the brainstorming phase and are now looking for ‘Captains’ to take on various responsibilities; there’s a ton to do in the run-up, and of course the day-of — play a leading role in the first ever Vegan Festival in Victoria!!!! See ya there? =)

If you can’t make the meeting but you’d like to volunteer – please e-mail Dave and he’ll put you on the mailing list.

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