Victoria Vegan Fest Fundraiser

As many of you know – I am helping to organize the 1st annual Victoria Vegan Fest in Market Square on July 1st. We’ve been doing a lot of local fundraising for the event (festivals cost a lot of $$ to run) and I’ve been receiving lots messages and tweets from those of you who live out of town who want to help.

So I decided to organize an ONLINE fundraiser. 🙂

You can simply just donate cold hard cash – or you can choose one of the perks that are listed on the fundraising website. Some of the prizes are limited to Victoria or North America only and are clearly marked. Some perks are limited edition – meaning only a few are available. So if you snooze – you lose.

So visit the online fundraising page HERE. Every dollar goes directly to funding The Victoria Vegan Fest!! BIG thanks to all the sponsors who donated perks – and BIG thanks to YOU for all your help!!



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