Vegan wedding cakes

Look at this amazing VEGAN wedding cake made by Lisa The Groovy Baker.

It’s a ‘Black Forest’ – Dark chocolate cake/Black Cherries/White Fluffy Frosting/Marzipan (that she made herself) with a Bittersweet Dark Chocolate Ganache. YUMMERS!! Uh oh. Now my stomach is growling… *laugh*

She’s based in NY (dutchess county) so if you’re looking for a wedding cake or a fancy cake for an event… you know who to contact.

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  1. kinziephoto says:

    by any standards that is an amazing looking cake!

  2. shebytches says:

    This cake alone is a reason to get married… now I just have to find ‘the man’.

    xo carolina

  3. Melissa says:

    Ooo I would love that cake…she’s too far from me though 🙁

  4. Danielle says:

    Wow! That’s just gorgeous.

  5. Anonymous says:


    thanks guys! And thanks Sarah for posting this! You rock!!!


  6. Anabelle says:

    I am the sister of the groom who Lisa made the cake for. Not only was it a gorgeous piece of artwork but it was divinely tasty. It truly was an amazing cake. It was especially amazing that Lisa made the cake with love for my brother Marc and his now wife Kiernan. Lisa and Marc have been life long friends and we are all very proud of her new endeavors! Good luck Lisa. You are on your way!!!


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