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Did a little interview with Veg-News about being vegan in Victoria. You can check it out the full article HERE.

VegNews: What is your must-have restaurant dish?
Sarah Kramer: We have a bunch of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants in town, but I especially love the Burrito Clasico at Hernande’z. It’s not a vegan restaurant but the owners Tamara and Jerson Hernande’z are very considerate to their vegan clients, and most importantly the food there is phenomenal. It’s like eating a meal straight out of Momma’s kitchen.

VN : What’s your favorite thing about living in Victoria?
SK: The isolation. While it can be a bit of a pain to get on and off the island (you have to take a ferry or plane to get here) there is something magical about Victoria. Plus the people here are very locally minded and we support our own.

VN : What’s your favorite downtime activity?
SK: Victoria is a walking/biking city and on our days off my husband and I love to ride bikes on The Galloping Goose Trail. The trail was built on the abandoned train tracks that snake through the city and you find yourself traveling through urban, rural, and wilderness settings, and can ride from one end of the city to the other without seeing any cars. You can actually ride all the way from Sidney (where the ferry terminal is) right into downtown Victoria, but we haven’t been brave enough to tackle that yet.

You can check it out the full article HERE.

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