Vancouver is shrinking

Vancouver is shrinking… I swear.

Let me explain. I only just started driving… I got my license when I turned 33 and my entire world opened up to me. Before I rarely went to Vancouver or did any traveling because I always have to depend on the kindness of friends and family to drive me around.

The day I started driving… everything changed. I can go where I want, do what I want when I want it. Run errands without having to wait for Gerry or someone else to drive me around. It’s been such an freeing experience.

While I am comfortable driving around the Victoria area, I just started driving over to Vancouver by myself this year. At first I was very nervous, but armed with my trusty map… I realized how easy it is to get around. This last trip (my 2nd time driving alone in Vancouver) went very well. I navigated around Vancouver like a pro and felt this funny feeling in my chest as I drove towards the ferry on my way home.

Oh. Wait… I think that’s pride. I’m proud of myself. *laugh*
I used to live such a small tiny life that I designed myself… because I refused to drive. Now you have to fight me for the drivers seat.

So… the trip.
Vancouver was a lot of fun. I missed the 1pm ferry on the way over and had to wait for the 3pm one, so my casual relaxing day of going over to Van turned into a stressful one, dodging traffic so I could arrive to my demo on time. I got there with about 30 minutes to spare, so I grabbed some food and headed down to the ocean (a block away) to relax. What a view…

The demo went well… I forgot to take a photo of the crowd, but i had a really great time just sitting with the group talking about Veganism and enjoying everyones company. I also got to meet friends I’ve only known via the internet. As well as some new friendly faces.

It was a short but sweet visit and I headed home the next a.m. to a very sad dog. Fergus is not happy with all my traveling. It’s really hard on him and I feel terrible.

So today is all about Fergus. We’re gonna have some fun.
And then do laundry.
Why so much laundry?

I hope to see you in Seattle!

Wed, October 12th
12 pm – 3 pm
1600 East Madison St.
206-329-1545 for info

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have never really read a blog before and your my first! Your life sounds busy and great. lets talk soon!

  2. Kramers says:

    still too big for a prairie girl like me:) check our blog for a sweet prairie sunset…
    lots of love.

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