We very rarely go over to the mainland. We try to go once a month to see Gerry’s Mum and my parents … but the ferry takes 3+ hours (if you don’t hit traffic) plus it’s expensive – so it’s been a couple of few months since we’ve been over.

The night before we left for Van – we had our annual Tattoo Zoo holiday party. Almost all of our staff was able to make it (we missed you Nova) and their partners came over to the house. Gerry and I don’t entertain that often … so when we do … we like to REALLY do it up. It was fun. I love everyone we work with. We are so lucky to have so many cool, creative and dedicated people working at TZ.


The next morning Ger, Fergus and I got up at the crack of dawn and hit the road to catch the ferry to the mainland. Fergus finally decided (after 15 years of us trying to get him to sit in the back seat) that sitting in the back seat would be a good idea. ha ha. What a weird control freak he is.   🙂

12345695_1486656934976562_54628055_nWe had a really nice visit with Gerry’s Mum. We went out for dinner and then wandered around this two tiered weird mall. Why are malls so weird now??


We also went through some photos and I found this gem. Don’t we look like babies? BABIES!! It’s crazy.


The next day (while Gerry went to go look at motorcycles) I met up with my Dad and had a visit. While I was there a book called A Round For Fifty Years by Gerald Hill arrived by mail (such good timing on my part).


The book is a history of the theater company my Mum & Dad started in 1966. Next year is the 50th anniversary and they just released the book and next year are having a gala event in Regina.  The Globe Theatre was my parents first baby. I was their second. That’s why I’m more like a middle child. ha ha.

I was only able to get a quick look at the book but it’s really neat to see the impressive history encapsulated in book form and there were so many photos that I had never seen before.12362505_101410230233581_845868041_n

I’m so proud of my parents! 🙂 I’m looking forward to going to the gala next year.

Later that night Gerry & I had a great dinner with my Dad & Step-Mum at NUBA. I didn’t get any photos because I ate my food so fast. Oh god it was delish. I wish NUBA would open up in Victoria (hint hint). We need some good Lebanese food in Victoria.

We stayed at the Silvia Hotel. It’s a little rough around the edges and the hallways are full of ghosts – but the location (English Bay) is beautiful and we can bring the dog (for no extra charge). 12362212_806246159486228_595666001_n

The next morning before we checked out … we went for a walk in Stanley Park. The last time I was there I was in between Phase 1 and Phase 2 of my chemos and I was pretty frail. This time I am full of vim and vigour and it feels like a dream that I was ever a frail, bald patient in the middle of cancer treatment. I almost can’t remember what it felt like.

The walk through the park and along the sea wall was beautiful …

I also walked past my Zeyda’s old apartment. It’s right near The Sylvia Hotel.

12362470_1533988516919363_1036393996_nMy Zeyda and I had a complicated relationship but now all those things we used to argue about don’t seem important anymore … as I looked up at his condo all I could think was “I wish he was still here so I could give him a hug.”

All I remember now about Zeyda are the good things. Like how he taught me how to golf at the Pitch N Putt in Stanley Park. Or how he would send me back the letters I wrote him with my spelling errors corrected. Oy. It was so upsetting when I was a kid … but now I think it’s hysterical.

Gerry and I left for the ferry back home and I felt like we didn’t have enough time in Vancouver. We have so many friends in Van that I never get to see … so I think I’ll be coming back mid-Jan for a visit.

In other news … not looking at Facebook has made such a difference. I felt discombobulated for a few days but I feel like a FB fog has lifted. I still have to log-in every day and do my work on FB. I have several pages that I need to keep up to date with but I’ve been good at just doing my work and then closing the page.

And it appears that I am on trend because the NY Times just put out this article about being Addicted to Distraction. It’s pretty spot on.

I started reading A BOOK!!! My friend gave me Diane Keatons book Then Again and I’m really enjoying it. It’s been a while since I sat down and read. Isn’t that horrible??

In other news – we discovered last night that I had been over-paying the cable bill and we have a substantial credit with them. Eeeek. Don’t even ask how it happened … 🙂 So I am in the process of claiming that money back. Oh geez. I feel like such a dumb-dumb. It’s amazing what happens when you’re not paying attention.

We also discovered we have been over-paying Gerry’s Medical plan … so pay attention to your bills friends. Look at them and make sure everything is hunky dory.

Oy Vey. What a week.


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