I’m doing some work with The Vagina Monologues this year. If you’re in Victoria and you’d like to audition for the play then read the info below!!

Have you seen it? Read it? We know you’ve heard of it. Ever dreamed of being IN it? Now is your chance!

We can swear on our vaginas that this will be an experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life! It will transform the way you think about your body, other bodies, about the media, about sexual violence, about the lived experiences of women and girls throughout the world; you will form invincible bonds with other women that will last forever, you will laugh and cry, and your connection with your own beautiful vagina will flourish!

If you’re looking for something fresh, exciting, and important to get involved with then come on out to UVic next week for an audition~ The vibe is totally casual; we simply want to hear/see you read a monologue (of your choice or to be provided) and if you display passion, energy, and appear to fit with a monologue, then you’re in! There are approximately 20 parts, as well as several VERY significant and fabulous behind-the-scenes positions available.

Some enticing details:

*The show will be held at the beautiful McPherson Playhouse February 2008
*All of the proceeds will be donated to the Victoria Women’s Transition House ~ a local agency providing shelter and support to women and children fleeing abusive partners (as well as offering several important programs)
*We have already begun to mark out a strong community of supporters, local talent, and media and this will only bloom larger and larger

If you have any questions, please email: or call: 294-3609

**Males interested in helping out– we need and welcome your support and involvement~ please contact us! And please, please pass this on to the women in your life!

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