Went to my first rehearsal for The Vagina Monologues tonight. I was really nervous to read my monologue but I think it went ok. Most of the woman in the show are in the same boat as me in regards to not a lot of performance in their background.

I’m lying.
I have lots of performance in my background… my parents were actors, I grew up in the theater and I perform every time I’m on tv or do a cooking demo… but this is different. I dunno. I guess I’m feeling shy. I even convinced myself yesterday that I shouldn’t go, that I should not perform and just help with the planning aspects. Then I gave myself a smack on the butt and said “get out of your way!” and got in the car and went to rehearsal and I’m really glad I did. I had a lot of fun and all the woman in the show seem really cool… this show is going to be awesome.

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