Uh oh

Uh oh
I feel like I’ve run out of things to talk about…

Maybe it’s cause I’m tired. I’ve had 2 terrible nights sleeps … 2 terrible night sleeps… I’ve had 2 terrible nights in a row of no sleep and now I feel like poop and can’t make coherent sentences. Thank god for spell-check.

I’m seriously feeling blah. I must be pmsing… forgot to write down when my last period was and now I have NO idea when I’m going to get my period. Either that or I’ve suddenly become clinically depressed and paranoid and bloated all at once.

The bloating… fine… But what to you guys do to deal with the feelings of impending doom that loom over you before you have your period. I’m all for embracing my menses and loving my uterus and all that… but there has to be a way to make the paranoid, depressing, freaking out, part of the pms more enjoyable.

Any thoughts?

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