12885861_10153361602756971_4658289103984281042_oYesterday was a really difficult day for many of us. I tried to remind myself that “Not guilty” doesn’t mean “innocent”.

It triggered a lot of feelings from my past experiences and made me feel very raw and vulnerable.

While the verdict in the Ghomeshi case devastated me – I also was not surprised. It just showcases what we already know… Our system (worldwide) is broken and does not support survivors – but please don’t let this stop you from speaking out. The only way to make change is to smash the system!!

Most importantly my beautiful tender-hearted friends – please take good care of yourself. Be gentle. Do what you need to do to feel safe. Reach out to someone you trust if you feel overwhelmed. You are not alone. 💔

#ibelieveher #ibelievesurvivors #ibelieveyou #itisnotyourfault

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