Two Weeks …

Two weeks ago today I had my surgery. This last week has been HARD. 🙁 I actually think this week was harder then then first … probably because my mind is clear from all the morphine/anesthetic.

My surgeon took my drain out on Wed and said I was healing beautifully … I went home feeling liberated and so happy to be drain free. I iced the area on and off and took Tylenol when I got home and I woke up the next day a little sore (which I expected from the drain removal) and luckily that soreness went away in about 48 hours.

I won’t tell you how gross it was to have the drain removed … just that it felt like someone was dragging a wet noodle across the inside of my chest. *shudder*

What has made me miserable is my skin. The skin around my armpit is SO SENSITIVE!! I can feel all my nerve endings firing and re-connecting so there’s lots of pins and needles but the worst part is the sensitive sore skin in my pit. Miserable. 🙁

97a17baaab1111e2914122000a9f1439_7I have a little pillow that I put in between my arm and torso to help with chafing but I think wearing this breast binder 24 hrs a day plus all the nodes he removed from my armpit area have made me really sensitive.

So I’ve been laying around not moving which is probably not what’s good for me … but the skin in my armpit hurts so much that the only relief I get is if I lay perfectly still on the couch.

Fergus is JUST fine with all this laying around… in fact he often boxes me in on the couch making it impossible for me to get up. He’s the best nurse in the world. 🙂

Anyone else have sensitive skin after their mastectomy? Any tricks/tips I should know about? Right now I’m spraying lydocaine on my skin and that helps temporarily but I am wondering if there’s something else I could be doing??


I also started to do my rehab exercises this week (which probably also explains the sore skin).

I have pretty good range of motion. I can do almost everything they ask in the little exercise booklet they gave me except for snow angels.

I can lift my right arm as high as my shoulder but that’s it … it’s so tight across my chest. Ugh. But I know I just have to keep at it and things will start to stretch out.

I started to feel a little better yesterday and today I feel OK enough to put on real clothes!! Woot I’m actually dressed and today I’m going to run a couple easy errands with Gerry. See how that goes.  🙂

I still get fatigued quite easily and have to nap/rest often … so because of that I am delaying opening the store until Monday April 29th. It will be a soft opening. Probably limited hours until I get all my energy back but hopefully by Monday I’ll be raring to go. 🙂

tumblr_lww2hm7TYc1qdlabvo1_500Thanks to everyone who keeps sending me care packages … you gotta stop with all the chocolate!! Ha ha. I’m going to be as big as a whale if I eat all the treats you’ve sent me.

I get my pathology report on Friday. That will tell us everything we need to know about the cancer and what my future treatments are going to look like.

I want all of you to close your eyes for a second and think about how cute this magical unicorn is and how it’s healing happy superpowers will be with me on Friday. 🙂


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