Truth Belts

Yippee!! I just got in a shipment of Truth Belts.

I’ve been wearing their belts for years and I love love love them. These are high quality belts made by fantastic Canadian vegan belt company.

First we have the Ariel Belt – which is the cutest kids belt! It’s great because it is adjustable and will grown with your little-one. There is a red belt with elephants and a navy-blue belt with bears and letters. Adorable!! 🙂

Next we have The Dexter. Dexter is a type of cow (and a serial killer), but that’s as close to meat as this belt ever gets! A classic simple Unisex belt that is perfect with a pair of dress pants or jeans. I have it in brown and black.

The Waspy is one of my favourite belts. It’s completely adjustable, so will fit any pant that you may have. You can wear it around your hips or over a sweater around your waist! It has a flat buckle, so you’ll never have to worry about an unwanted bulge at the front of your stomach. The elastic in it makes it stretchy, plus is has a slider that allows you to adjust it even more!

The Seva is simialr to the Waspy in that it’s stretchy but this one has a bit of a fancier buckle. It looks beautiful with a pair of jeans or over a sweater, etc.

Come down to Sarah’s Place (533 Pandora Ave) and try them on or check them out online HERE.  I only have a few of each in-stock … so if you don’t see the size or the colour that you’re interested in – please e-mail me and I can order in for you.  🙂



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