Trip diary …

I feel weird posting about my West Coast Go-Go’s trip before I post about the East Coast trip that happened in June … so let’s start in NYC shall we? After I said a very sad good-bye to my dear sweet London UK family (don’t let the smiles fool you – I was sobbing in the bathroom once they left)…

…I hopped on a plane to NYC to see the Go-Go’s play a bunch of shows in the NY area. Yippee! 🙂

I stayed at my favourite hotel which is beside Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery (best knish’s in the world)…

Checked in. Washed the airplane stink off of me and hit the streets to meet up with Sara and Erica of Mooshoes Fame!

MooShoes makes my heart beat 1000x faster then normal … so many vegan shoes. Such little time.  🙂

We headed over to Pure Food and Wine for dinner and sat in the back patio.

It was one of those perfect NY summer nights … warm, breezy and I was so happy to be in NY with my dear friends, sharing an amazing meal.

After dinner I headed back to my hotel (I was bagged – and jetlag was setting in) but before I went to bed I had a nice little Facetime visit with my beloved Fergus.  🙂

Time for bed … I have a big day tomorrow. Gotta get my brain on NY time. I have a Go-Go’s show to see! 🙂

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