Tour Diary – Bristol Veg Fest

Melisser and I woke up early to do up our faces before the festival. I think Melisser is the only person in the world who wears more blush then me. *laugh* It’s so nice to be sharing a hotel room with another make-up whore.  🙂

I didn’t really have a proper meal the night before and I was starving for breakfast!! Rudee promised me that he would be making me vegan crepes for breakfast … but when we arrived all he had for me for breakfast was a carton of coconut-milk… ummmm?

As you can see by this photo Rudee packed enough Wheaty Spacebars for his breakfast. Yeesh.  🙂

He finally relented and took me to a grocery store so I could grab some food… 🙂

By the time we got to the festival it was in full swing!!

The first thing I saw was the UK version of How It All Vegan. Gosh … that UK cover … no words.  🙁 The only consolation is that it’s not as bad as Isa’s cover.  🙂

Then we hopped around the festival trying food… there was vegan Gyros by Wheaty.

The best part of my day was taste-testing Vegusto Cheese. Now THIS is how vegan cheese should taste. … dirty … smelly… delicious!! 🙂

I hope they come to Canada soon. Hint! Hint!

For lunch Melisser and I hit up this stall (sorry – I’ve forgotten the name) for a delish home-cooked meal. The butter bean stew was TO DIE FOR!

I saw some people staring at me … I thought I had greens in my teeth from lunch but it turns out that Englanders are VERY polite. Once I waved at them they finally came over and we chatted. As soon as the ice-broke there was suddenly a line of people wanting to chat with me. It was cool. I met some really great people!

No more photos!!

I also got to say hi to the Sea Shepherd kids … those guys are my heros!

After the fair we drove to Cafe Kino for a cup of tea and to rest our sore feet.

What a fun group of new friends I’ve made.  🙂

Then we stopped by a Banksy …

And I went back to the hotel to go to bed early … gotta get my beauty rest. I have a photo-shoot with Total Tattoo tomorrow! 🙂



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