My trip to Toronto -> London UK -> NYC got an early start with a trip to the airport at 6:30am. Ugh. I am sooooo not a morning person but my travel adrenaline kicked in as my alarmclock went off. Weeee!!

Even though I order a veggie meal from the airline – I always bring my own food.

Today I brought a brown rice/veggie stir fry topped with flax oil and nutritional yeast. YUM! Instead of a “meal” I ordered a “fruit” meal from Air Canada and I was pleasantly surprised. Grapes, apple slices, strawberries, melon … Not bad. Not bad. 🙂

I arrived at Pearson Airport and had to wait forever for my luggage…

My friend Jen (who came to pick me up) and her kids were anxiously waiting on the other side for me and when I FINALLY got my bags  we only had a few minutes to visit because when I arrived at Shoshana’s house – she informed me that I only had 5 minutes to fluff my hair, brush my teeth and get back in the car to go to see the Kurt Swinghammer show – Turpentine Wind.

Kurt Swinghammer, Canoe Lake from Justin Stephenson on Vimeo.

The show was mind-blowing!! CBC was there recording the show – so keep an ear open for it. It was a really beautiful show. My friend Maury (and Sho‘s husband) plays bass on the recording … watching him play is always a treat. I have such talented friends.

After the show – Sho, Graham, Teresa (Maury had to go to his rockstar after-party) and I hit the streets to find food … sadly …everything vegan was closed but we found a Chinese restaurant open and chowed down on rice and veggies. YUM!

I hit the sack exhausted! WOOF!

Woke up early after having a weird dream about Earth Balance being banned in Canada and I was frantically trying to stock up on as much as I could … Weird … Sho was busy with work that day so I hit the streets to meet my friend Jen and her clan for lunch. On the way to the street-car  I saw these jeggings. Ummm… NO!

Kieran was in school that day – so Jen and Gavin and I walked around Kengsington Market and eventually landed at Hot Beans for lunch.

Really excellent food. I had the Jackfruit Taco (forgot to take a photo because I was too busy inhaling it) and a home-made lime-onade. YUM!

It was a really hot and muggy day so we hit the AGO to cool down and to look at art. The security at the AGO was so crazy… I couldn’t take any photos. Wasn’t allowed to have my tiny backpack on my back – had to carry it in my hand. They followed us around from room to room like we were dirty punks. Wait. We are dirty punks! But we’re dirty punks with a mortgage and a bank account. Doesn’t that count for something? *laugh*

I did get a shot of their incredible staircase.

Art galleries always have the best stairs …

After the AGO – we hit the grocery store to pick up food for dinner and on our way back to Shoshana’s we stopped at Bunners which is a GF/Vegan bakery.

I grabbed 1/2 a dozen of the gf/sf/v donuts. YUM!

At Sho’s house we threw the veggies on the bbq, made quinoa and chickpea bread … and I made a spinach salad with a strawberry vinaigrette (LDV).

And then set up camp in the backyard…

What a great day! I love my friends …

The next day was my last day in Toronto (What! Already?) and this was Henry’s day. Henry is the son of Sho & Mo and as his Auntie … it is my job to spoil him.

We went to Henry’s favourite toy store Scooter Girl to pick out ANYTHING he wanted. Henry picked a giant recycling truck. What an eco-friendly boy. 🙂

That night we had a vegan sushi party and we prepped the veggies, rice and other ingredients and then set up in the backyard to feast.

Everyone made their own rolls … and we had fun making Faux Sushi and trying to come up with a name for our fantasy vegan sushi bar.

We sat on the porch into the wee hours talking about old times, new times and watching the bats circle above our heads.

Eeek! Time for bed! I have to get up at 5am to catch a flight to London. London UK BTW. Not London Ontario!! 🙂


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