Ok… so I’m planning on re-doing my bathroom in the near future and right now I’m trying to work out a budget and I need your experience/help. Who out there has a low flush or a dual flush toilet?

All the dual/low flush toilets I’ve ever used need multiple flushes to get the bowl … um… clean. And what’s the point of flushing more than once … that doesn’t save water. Anyone have a enviro water friendly toilet they love love love?

toilet aquarium

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been told you can put a brick in the tank so that it decreases the amount of water that fills it. And it should still flush and save water all at the same time, even with regular toilets.

  2. sammy_joe says:

    I just moved to Germany and virtually all of the toilets here are low flush. Maybe, if it’s possible, you should look at a european brand vs a north american one.

  3. simplehiker says:

    The new coolness for toilets is to use the grey water from the sink to feed into the toilet storage tank then you flush with your grey water. There is a popular kit often posted about on treehugger. But I just got back from the bar so searching down the link seems a bit difficult at the moment.

  4. Karen says:

    I moved into my apartment not long after you moved into your new place, so we’ve been kind of going on the renos at similar times. I got new “TOTO” brand 6-litre per flush toilets for my bathrooms, and haven’t had an issue at all with them needing multiple flushes. The ones in here before were the most water-inefficient toilets ever- I felt guilty literally every time I flushed! I’m much happier now.

  5. Conserving Water With The TwoFlush System says:

    That toilet is cute,. It was like an aquarium. Great fish design. Aside from it was designed wonderful, it also helps to consume water up to 67%

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