Today’s lesson…

Dexter has lost his morning appetite because of the Prozac and my vet said it’s a normal symptom and to reduce his dosage a little until his body adjusts to the medication … but in the meantime I now spend my mornings sitting on the kitchen floor beside Dexter encouraging him to eat.

I was really resenting it today. I have work to do and I was feeling anxious about getting on with things … I felt like he was taking time away from me getting ready for the day (I needed to blow-dry my hair and put on my face) and I was becoming increasingly frustrated that he would only stare at his food and not eat it.

I found myself getting angry at Dexter (even though it’s not his fault – it’s the meds) and I realized I needed an attitude adjustment. So I decided to turn this frustrating moment into an opportunity for me to meditate.

I closed my eyes, took a deep cleansing breath and started chanting my mantra for the day with the intention of having Dexter eat. I chanted “nom nom nom” out loud as I smacked my lips and focused on my breath. I then pictured Dexter happily eating in my minds eye and will wonders never cease … guess who started eating on his own?  🙂

Thank you Dexter.

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  1. Cathi C. says:

    Sarah: I love this story lesson! So inspirational. Thank you for posting this.

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