To answer some of your questions…

Yes. It’s an original French poster for Blue Velvet. 🙂
An old roommate I used to live with owed me money for rent or hydro and he gave it to me as collateral. Almost 20 years later … I still have the poster. Hmmmmmm.

As for the Neti Pot I was totally scared to use it as well but after reading the instructions and watching Dr.Oz on Oprah it was a piece of cake. Just remember to use warm water and to have kleenex handy and to breath out of your mouth when you’re pouring the water. Neti pot is the new Nyquil people! 🙂

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  1. Anonymous says:

    After Oprah aired, my local alternative pharmacy was instantly cleaned out of neti pots. Then I missed the next order because it too was instantly bought out. Oh, the power of Oprah. I ended up buying a “nose syringe” which works on the same principal as a neti pot, the delivery system is just a little different. Kinda weird to get used to but man, oh man, does it make life good when you are stuffed up! Apparently, the neti pot is only news to North Americans, the rest of the world is in the groove.

  2. jenny says:

    I kept getting sinus infections and my doctor recommended the Neti – I am forever hooked. She told me something that really helps – if it’s uncomfortable or painful the water/salt ratio is wrong (probably too high) now I know precicesly how much salt to add and I do it all the time — I can’t believe I was every hesitant, it makes such a difference — I haven’t had a sinus headache in years!!! — caveat – don’t do it if you feel a migraine coming on, that knocked me on the floor one night!!

  3. E.K. Wimmer says:

    I can’t believe the poster is also French! Man that was a smart move on your part, I have an original Wild At Heart poster, but it’s American. Although I do have Nicolas Cage’s autograph, but that’s another story!

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