Time flies…

I’m not 100% on the date but it was around mid-Jan of last year when I felt a lightening bolt of pain hit my breast while we were watching TV. When I felt my breast I found a lump and the rest is history. 🙁

I went to the doctor about my lump. He did an exam. Scheduled me a mammogram in Feb. I left for the UK with Gerry for a holiday. Came home. Had a needle biopsy and a week or so later I was diagnosed with cancer. It’s bizarre to think it’s been a year.

It’s been a year of recovery really. Recovering from shock. From surgery. From chemo. From radiation … and now I need to recover from the whole shebang.

Do me a favour?? Check your breasts. Right now. If you don’t know how – I found this video. Watch it. Then do it. For me. Even if you’re dude. Check for lumps. If you find anything … go immediately to your doctor.

Let’s not dwell on this weird anniversary. It’s not something I really want to celebrate … what I want to celebrate instead is that I’m feeling PRETTY SASSY!! 🙂

This is the face of a woman who is no longer in agonizing pain from her radiation burn.


If you see me with a full face of makeup on … you know I’m doing good.  🙂 People have been asking me about my eyebrows. Yes. They’re baaaack. Someone out there in Internet land sent me a IT Brow Power pencil and I highly recommend it. It helps fill in any gaps. It’s the best brow pencil I’ve ever used. And it’s vegan! Woot!

So back to my burn … almost two weeks to the day of my last radiation my body turned off the heat inside. Thank goodness because I was beyond miserable.

My chest panel is healing up nicely thanks to S.W. Basics body oil. I couldn’t use any oil products on my radiation area until I was done burning … but now my body is READY and my skin is loving this magical blend of oils.

The last couple of days I have been able to wear clothing for more than a few hours (yay). It’s been really annoying having to be topless all the time. It might sound like a dream to some of you nude lovers out there but making dinner while topless is a hazard. Trust me.

Speaking of clothes. My lovely friends Miranda and Ryan from Whistle & Flute clothing sent me this super soft Je T’Aime pullover. Oh gosh it’s nice … They make the cutest stuff.


Gerry wasn’t feeling well this last week (I think he’s exhausted) so we’ve been doing a lot of lounging. Gerry thinks he had a flu bug and all he wanted to do lay down and snooze so we moved all the living room furniture around and put our guest bed in front of the TV.


I don’t think Fergus ever wants us to put it away. It’s like a Queen sized dog bed in the living-room and he’s loving every cuddly moment of it. 🙂


During our downtime we decided to revisit LOST. We binge watched season 1 in like 48 hours. Ha ha. It was crazy. Now we’re on Season 2.

I forgot how GOOD this series… especially John Locke. I relate to his character so much more now. Maybe because of my cancer experience? I dunno. Maybe cause I’m older now but whatever it is I think he’s such a fantastic antihero.


Not to get sappy but my fav thing about laying on the living-room bed is when Gerry plays with my ear while we watch TV.


Even though Gerry wasn’t feeling well and I was in a lot of pain … I really enjoyed having Gerry home sick with me. We ate soup. We watched Lost. We napped. We watched Lost. We ate pizza. We watched Lost. We napped. We watched Lost. We drank juice. We watched Lost.

There’s nothing I love more in the world then a good snuggle with Gerry and Fergus. I love my life. I’m so happy to be here to enjoy it.

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8 Responses to Time flies…

  1. My dear Sarah,

    I learned of your cancer diagnosis when I was in Victoria this morning. I was looking for your shop there. My daughter introduced me to your wonderful collection of recipes when I decided, like her, to become vegan.

    I have been following your journey on your blog and wish you all the best. I am so glad that your treatment is over and that you are feeling better.


  2. David Miller says:

    Welcome back Sarah!

    Musically, at least, Frank Sinatra sometimes got it right: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmf1AYgYj6I

    With lotsa love,
    ~ David and Cathryn

  3. Catherine says:

    Those are two gorgeous eye brows!

  4. Shelly says:

    I barely know you but you’ve brought tears to my eyes. Your connection and love and strength through all this… so incredible. :’) So glad you are feeling better.

  5. Fallopia Tuba says:

    I’m still feeling a little upset about something that happened last week—and no, it has nothing directly to do with you—Rynn Berry died. He was a “vegan historian” who wrote books, including Hitler, Neither Animal-Lover Nor Vegetarian.

    You may have already heard; he was jogging in Prospect Park on New Year’s eve, and wasn’t carrying ID. He was 68. He was taken to Methodist Hospital in Park Slope, and lay unidentified for over a week, although the New York RoadRunners’ Club did their best to spread the word.

    I went to visit him in the hospital the day after I heard the news; unfortunately, the day after that, I arrived at the hospital too late. They had already pulled the plug.

    It’s partly due to his influence that I’m a vegan today; he used to set up a display of his books at Union Square Park as part of the Greenmarket, and I used to stop and talk with him when I went there. I bought several of his books, which he signed.

    I’m so happy you’re with us; thank you for making your struggle public. I, for one, wouldn’t have known except that I was looking for some of your recipes one night!

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