This is me …

This is me… today. #fuckcancer


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11 Responses to This is me …

  1. Sarah says:

    Your scar has healed very cleanly. You look beautifully badass.

  2. maria says:

    And fuck pretty – that is Beautiful.

  3. You’re beautiful. And powerful. #love

  4. Lorri says:

    and yet…in spite of chemo…the beauty is still there.

  5. Taylor says:

    You are a GORGEOUS WARRIOR!!!!!!!! Shine on. xo

  6. sammy stone says:

    You are so beautiful. Strong and beautiful and amazing and inspiring.

  7. Dan says:

    Your feelings about the state of your body are completely valid, but please know that to an outsider, you look strong and fierce and like you’re totally kicking cancer’s ass.

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  9. amanda says:


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