This dude…

This dude came into the tattoo shop yesterday to see if we were interested in purchasing any art.

Usually these types of people are either selling something they’ve stolen or bad 80’s tribal art that they think tattoo shops want to buy. What a thrill it was to actually have someone come in with some art that is lovely to look at. We ended up purchasing 4 of his line-drawings.

Check Stefan Thompson out.

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  1. jromer says:

    It’s like Neil Gaiman meets Where The Wild Things Are…
    I found the great white shark painted on the surfboard a little unsettling…but for the most part, his art is (insert overused words here) haunting and dreamy.

  2. tiredsimone says:

    His drawings are really nice…Roberto and i checked out the webpage and it is really beautifull stuff….

  3. Chrissy Foreman C says:

    Thanks for this link – I find this guys work really moving. Itsn’t is great that art can have that effect? great site by the way, I’m glad I stumbled across it! (and I’m with you on the cupboard space – just got mine sorted too and it’s a breath of fresh air!)

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