This dog …

This sweet dog Dexter is taking up SO MUCH of my free-time I barely have time to think!!

I want to say thank you to everyone who has donated $$ to Dexter’s care and especially to Holly who stepped up in a BIG way and purchased this months Prozac prescription for Dexter. 🙂

Dexter has been doing really well on his Prozac. It has cut down on his anxiety quite a bit and there has been a couple of times where I’ve been able to leave the house without him pitching a fit.

I’ve also noticed that he’s not so clingy and is feeling more confident. For example he now happily snoozes away in the living room while I’m in the kitchen and he no longer needs to watch my every move. Yay.

The car on the other-hand is still a nightmare. He’s happy to go to the car. Happy to get in the car. Happy to sit in the car while I’m driving … but as soon as I try and get out of the car he loses his mind. Shrieking, barking, flailing about. Anyone have an experience with this? Have any tips?

I’ve also had a bit of interest in Dexter since we put him up for adoption on the BC Poodle and Small Dog Rescue and one nice family really fell in love with him but I had to turn them down. They are a great family and will make a dog a very happy home but Dexter is unfortunately not the dog for them. They were looking for a dog that can play with the grand-kids and I’m afraid Dexter needs a house where there isn’t a lot of over-stimulation but there is a lot of exercise.

We’ve also had 2 weeks of no peeing in the house and Gerry and I were just talking this morning about maybe not having him wear the belly band … but then tonight Dexter was snoozing in the office on his pillow and was suddenly startled when someone in the condo hallway was making noise that he barked himself awake and then peed himself. *laugh* Poor kid. I can’t decide if that dials his “pee meter” back to zero or not. I felt so bad for him.

It’s going to be tough to find Dexter the perfect furever home … especially with him being such a “project dog” so let’s all think positive thoughts and perhaps we can conjure up the perfect family for him.

I know you all think Dexter’s perfect home is our home but we aren’t allowed to have 2 dogs in the condo building and while I love having Dexter staying with us … I really miss having just Fergus as a fur-baby. Having 2 fur-babies is a lot of work (especially when one is special needs) and Dexter takes a lot of my attention away from Fergus and while he doesn’t seem to mind … I do. So let’s all have a “collective positive prayer session” and conjure up that perfect family for Dexter.

If you’d like to donate to Dexter you can do so via paypal and Dexter will send you a Thank-You card with a very cute photo inside. 🙂

We also have DEXTER & FERGUS blank cards for sale in the store and all the $$ goes directly to Dexter’s care.

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  1. Holly says:

    Yeah, it’s great to hear about Dexter’s progress!! You’re the best, Sarah! I’m glad the prozac is helping, and I hope you find the perfect forever home soon!

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