Thinklandia 2015

I was invited to participate again for Thinklandia 2015. I did a presentation last year and this year I was asked to host/moderate a panel for the PERSPECTIVE evening and have a conversation with with Bif Naked, Rae Spoon and Jason Verners.

11821077_1520888198202831_330482742_nThe roof of the Yates St Parkade was turned into an event space and it was a magical thing. They did a beautiful job of transforming the space. 🙂

I was a little nervous as I haven’t been doing a lot of public speaking lately but I wrote a little introduction speech. Practiced a few times and when I hit the stage it was like riding a bike. I had a lot of fun …

The night was SO COLD that we all wore our jackets on stage. I even found a Snuggie backstage and wore that so I could stay warm …

11925531_818015524971415_1384437543_nRae, Jason and Bif’s individual speeches were great and I think our panel was a good balance of serious conversation and fun. The event was filmed so I’m hoping the video will end up somewhere online. 🙂
11849946_477447039099931_360561738_nThe next day I spent the afternoon with my dear sweet friend Bif. We are both so busy that we never get to spend time with each other so it was a real treat to have lunch and time to wander the streets of Victoria and just talk.

I took her to Be Love for lunch. 11934634_1494991580817067_113803428_nAnd then we wandered around downtown poking into different shops. I also took her into the old Sarah’s Place location which is now my friend Honor’s jewelry shop Tonic. It’s always weird going back into that old space but it also feels good to see Honor’s shop thriving. 🙂

11910255_892380337509707_1961190185_nI can’t believe how busy Sept has been … I hosted this event, I’m getting ready to start teaching Aquafit for the ENCORE program at the Y. I have been selling my vintage goodies at local vintage fairs and in a few weeks I will be going to Calgary with some of the staff of Tattoo Zoo for the Calgary Tattoo Convention AND to top it all off I am the shop manager at Tattoo Zoo. It feels good. 🙂

In other news Gerry and I have been working with the city (with the help of Teri from Oscar & Libby’s) on an art project for the intersection of Fort/Blanshard. It’s an exciting time …


In other other news Fergus got a nice fall haircut from Top Dog. They do such a good job on him … he was so fluffy and smelled amazing until he found a dead otter at the park and rolled in it. Ha ha. What a jerk.

11337170_407330936136511_98056407_n11899712_1030418360322745_1589415419_nWhat’s new with you?

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  1. rose says:

    Sarah, You were great at Thinklandia. Funny, and a real natural on the stage.
    What a great event! (until I had to go pee and run down and then up 8 storeys to use the portapotty!)

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