The Wizard …

Went to Van to spend the night visiting my niece who was in town to see her Mum for the holidays.

A good time was had. As usual. I love that kid.

She also presented me with an amazing portrait of me and Ger from the same photo that we had our velvet painting done. I think she captured us really well. Gerry with his Spock hair and me with 8000 teeth. Perfection!

One sobering moment during the visit was when my niece weighed herself and told me she weighed 83 pounds. That’s a perfect weight for a girl her age and height but I suddenly got the shivers when I realized that when I was at my sickest with CFS that I had whittled away to 83 pounds. My niece is a skinny kid… and I have about 5 inches on her, so I can’t even imagine how thin I must have been back then. Yikes. I imagine I must have looked emaciated… but nobody ever said to me “you look too thin”.

Anyway it was one of those moments where I realized how happy I am to be strong and healthy and CFS free.

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  1. benandsar says:

    Hope you also find room on your wall for Eli’s hand cast.

  2. Sith says:

    Your niece is adorable…

    I know what you mean about people not telling you that you were too thin.

    When I was in the early stages of anorexia, I had friends and even strangers compliment me on my body. Later on, I couldn’t help but smirk at the sheer irony.

    Of course, they eventually ceased and started to stare in horror/disgust.

    Yeah, we all have moments when we realize just how fortunate we are to have made it past those barriers.

  3. Autumn says:

    way to go on being healthy 🙂

    your niece is a hoot, too cute.

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