The Witchies

Yesterday I bumped into my friends Chad and Nadia who were in town for a visit. Gosh I miss them. I wish I was able to hang out with them a little longer but I gotta go! Chad gave me a copy of their new cd, they’re in a band called The Witchies and they’re spectacular!! Go Witchies Go!

Well I’m almost all packed. Everything folded and sitting in my new suitcase. I’m just waiting for some batteries to re-charge and then I’ll zip it all up, put on my shoes and go to the airport.

Le Sigh. 22 days without Fergus. How am I going to manage? 🙁
Only 15 days without Gerry … that’s not so bad. 🙂

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  1. Holly says:

    LOL Fergus? What about you man, won’t you miss him too??

    I wish so bad that you were coming to Ottawa or Montreal! Maybe for the next book 😉

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