The weekend …

Thanksgiving weekend wasn’t much to write home about. Gerry and I didn’t partake in any festivities but we did decide to get busy finishing some home renovations we’ve been neglecting. The kitchen has been a work in progress since we moved in … and we have just a few final touches to do on it before it’s done. One of them is the ceiling – Don’t get me started on the ceiling!


The trim around the edges of the kitchen is also something we’ve been putting off because all those fancy angled cuts you have to make with a miter saw are a hassle. But somehow I manged to convince Gerry that we needed to get it done before my parents arrive for a visit (this weekend) so we headed to the hardware store for some wood.

And yes. We fit all 12 feet of wood into the smartcar without incident. It was hilarious …

smart car

I stood watch with my phone at hand – ready to call 911 if Gerry cut himself …

Manly man

And before we knew it … the trim was done and I was a very happy woman. I still have to re-paint the trim and finish the ceiling but we are SO close to being done in here. Then we can start to focus on the hideous bathrooms.


Kitchen - after



The only downside to all this construction is now I have to dust the entire house because it’s covered in sawdust. The cleaning NEVER ends!!

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  1. Crys T says:

    My kitchen ceiling has awful strip lighting too! I really want to change it, but whoever first put it in (my flat is in a 100-year-old building that used to be the neighbourhood bakery) did something very weird with the wiring.

    Bleah. I’m not really materialistic, but sometimes I just wish I had money.

  2. Jay-Lo says:

    I was doing home improvements on that weekend too! Andrea came out to check on me every half an hour to make sure I still had both hands!
    Tell Gerry I really miss doing that stuff with him.

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