The night … in photos.

So The Pussycat Cabaret was a giant success. THANK YOU VICTORIA for coming out and supporting our cause!!

We had so much fun! All the Vagina cast got dressed up…
in various states of pussycat like outfits.Some of us went a little crazy. 🙂NiQ performed… The Cheesecakes performed.This is my favorite photo from the night… Mistress MOAN did her monologue from The VM for the crowd.It was an orgasmic performance.Speaking of orgasms … we had an orgasm contest with a few contestants from the crowd and needless to say it was hilarious.We also auctioned off some volunteers for a drink and a dance.
We even auctioned off a public spanking…Victoria’s own Slut Revolver performed. In the end I think this guy had the most fun… he came with a vintage lawn chair and parked himself right up front.A good time was had by all!!If you want to see more photos from our fund raiser I’ve posted them all HERE.

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    super cute

    lol my word verification was rmdonk


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