The internet is CRAZY!

This just in:

The search is over for the tattooed man whose picture was uploaded to the Internet via a stolen computer. The man took the computer to the Victoria police station last night but he insists he’s not involved in its theft or the theft of five other computers from a Vancouver business.

Investigators are checking the man’s story that he bought the computer from a buddy who had purchased it from someone else. Thousands of people checked out the man’s picture after learning it was taken when he opened a file on the stolen I-Mac that automatically snapped his photo and uploaded it to a photo-sharing site.

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  1. Ariane says:

    just heard the news this afternoon! word gets around, guess you beat me to it! proving the power of the internet, one criminal at a time. 😉

    gonna try to make it to taste of health this weekend, will make sure to say hi if i do!

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