The day Anna Torv sauntered into Sarah’s Place…

So on Sunday morning I got dressed up in my painting overalls and finished up some paint in the change-rooms at Sarah’s Place (they’re still not finished… ugh).

Rather then change into my street clothes I stayed in my comfy railroad overalls and spent the rest of my day lounging around doing my thing. I actually wasn’t lounging. I had a lot of new stock to input into the computer/web and I needed to do some organizing of the products on the shelves.

I had lots of nice interruptions on Sunday. This lovely furry dude came to visit me and took up a good hour of my time. There was a lot of snuggling, cuddling and of course trying to keep Fergus from freaking out from jealousy.  πŸ™‚

The humans for this dog (shoot I’ve forgotten the dogs name – how rude) had stopped by the store to drop off a supply of their Dogi Biscotti that Sarah’s Place is now selling. After they left I started to get things organized to close up. I started cleaning my desk, organizing everything for Kelly (who works Mondays) and just doing general prep when 3 ladies walked into my store and started browsing. I said Hi to them and then went about doing my organizing.

One of them asked me a question and I looked up to answer her and I stared into her eyes and yelled. “HEY! I KNOW YOU!!” Awkward pause… “FRINGE!”

Yes. That’s what I yelled. Hey. I know you. Fringe. ha ha ha. I was competently dumbfounded because standing in front of me was Olivia from Fringe. Actually it was actress Anna Torv. She and her friends were hanging out in Victoria for the weekend and had wandered into my shop.

I actually left my body. I could NOT stop my brain from freaking out so I walked the storage room and took a few deep breaths to compose myself and then I came back out and started to babble like an idiot.

“Hey! We know lots of the same people” I said to Anna. “My friend Jason does makeup on the show. My Dad is an actor and had a scene with you. My friends Peter and Carmen do set design and used my books in the background of your kitchen set when you were the “other” Olivia.”

I tried my best not to be too much of a geek but I couldn’t stop saying  idiotic things and making terrible jokes. I hope it wasn’t too noticeable that I was GEEKING OUT! They hung out at my store for a while (So I must not have been acting too crazy) and before they left I asked Anna if I could get a quick photo with her and she very sweetly said yes.

As you can see … I am beyond excited. I can’t even make a normal face. I had no control over my face! πŸ™‚

After they left I kept thinking about all the things I wanted to say to her but didn’t because I was geeking out so here is my open letter to Anna.

Dear Anna,
I was so thrilled when you popped into my store Sarah’s Place on Sunday.

Because I was geeking out that you were in my store I didn’t get a chance to tell you how amazing I think you are on Fringe. I love your show. I will admit that I originally started watching it because of Pacey…whoops I mean Joshua Jackson but I quickly fell in love with all the characters and love the chemistry you have created with all of them.

I need to tell you that you did such a FANTASTIC job of playing Leonard Nimoy when he was stuck in your body. I hope you won some kind of an award for that. BTW. I love Leonard Nimoy so much that I have Live Long and Prosper tattoo’d on my feet!

I also wanted to tell you that when you worked with my Dad – he said you were lovely to work with even though you had to repeatedly rip duct-tape off his face.

Most importantly I wanted to tell you that I love your character because she kicks ass and is never dependent on a man to save her. Almost every Sci-Fi woman character is written as “strong” and “independent” but at some point during her storyline she can’t cope and has to be saved by a male character. I think the character you created is so strong! Love her.

My friend Jason said he could maybe get me on set for a visit before you close down production for the end of the series but I don’t think I can do it. If I geek out that much about you being in my store … I might faint if I walk into Walters lab and actually see Walter. πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for Fringe. It’s been a really fun show and I can’t wait to see what you do next. Come and visit Sarah’s Place again and I promise I won’t yell across the room at you with excitement! πŸ™‚




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6 Responses to The day Anna Torv sauntered into Sarah’s Place…

  1. Clemens says:

    OMG, that’s so cool!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jessica says:

    πŸ˜€ really great story and I would die ,too if I would met her so it’s okay *lol*
    But if you really get the chance to visit the set you have to do this !!!! Really πŸ™‚ I would do it ^^

  3. Dee Dollete says:

    I’m sure I could have done worse. πŸ™‚ You’re so lucky to be able to meet her.

  4. beckstar78 says:

    wow! you should do it as this could be your last chance EVER to see the set in person, you should do it.
    love that you were so in shock you just said FRINGE! lol

  5. Rebecca says:

    LOL. Seriously I do not think that I would have done any better seeing Anna Torv in person. That is so Awesome. I think you did fine. That is really awesome that she agreed to have her picture taken with you. Wow. I really hope that the rumors are not true and that Fringe will be cancelled after this season. I really love this show and agree with you regarding her character and her playing Leonard.

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