Thanks Left Feet

Thanks for my new shoes Left Feet!!!
Ain’t they the cutest??

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  1. zillah says:

    oh my freakin god!!! i saw you at the food fair, even thought you looked familiar, and just assumed you were someone from the many veggie sites i frequent online. it didn’t dawn on me that you were the author of my favourite cook book (the garden of vegan)!!! now i feel horribly stupid; i hope you come next year so that i can greet you and gush over your new book! lol.

    sexy shoes by the way!

  2. Sarah's Blog says:

    Don’t worry… nobody knows who I am since I grew out my hair. *laugh*

    I’ll be back in town at the end of Oct, so if you want to be on the mailing list to know all the latest hub-bub write me:

  3. Anonymous says:

    Baldman is asking if you are making that picture into a pin up card?

  4. zillah says:

    yes, i blame it on the hair!!!

    ok, i will e-mail you.

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