Thank you Apartment Therapy…

I’m sure most of you are sick of my bitching about the kitchen at our new place. We’ve been here a year now and made minor changes to the kitchen since we’ve moved in but none of them have made the kitchen a nice place to be. I’ve been losing my mind in here (it is my place of work – where I spend the most time) and every day when I walk in, I feel bummed about cooking. So I was reading Apartment Therapy the other morning and there was a post about open shelving in the kitchen. I was like… huh… and ran and grabbed my cordless drill and within minutes I realized how awesome taking off some of the cupboard doors would make the kitchen look.

Inspired by the instant change I stopped painting the base board in the hallway and started painting the cupboards and tiles. 4 days and many many coats of semi-gloss white … things are looking up!

The breakfast nook. Now I need to get some floating shelves for my cookbooks and nic-nacks and a floor stand for the water and we’ll have a nice place to eat pancakes!
Now… I still have A LOT of fracking work to do. As you can see the walls are in horrible shape so I have to fix them up but that gives me time to figure out a wall color (I’m leaning towards Sea Foam Green)
I took to heart what AT wrote about keeping only beautiful things in the open cupboard area so the shelves don’t look cluttered. Plus the things I grab for every day (like the measuring cups or the grater are in easy reach). Everything else is kept out of sight behind doors.

As you can see we’re a little bowl crazy. We only have 4 plates. We like bowls. 🙂 My plan is to paint the inside of these shelves a bright cheery colour. I’m leaning towards Festive Orange. We’re also going to order new counters and re-do the floors but one thing at a time. One thing at a time. Now my kitchen is a nicer place to be. I’m stoked. Once I put everything away last night… I was inspired to make Portobello Mushroom burgers with a side of potato salad.

The stress of living/working in a dark 70’s nightmare kitchen is gone and we can happily save $$ for my dream kitchen without all those orange mushrooms looming at me laughing that it’s not going to happen any time soon.

I’m stoked on the new changes and it only cost me $75 in materials. HOORAY!! Let the cooking begin!

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