Teal Cat Project Campaign Starts Sunday, March 10th!

tcp_getacatbig2I’m a big fan of the Teal Cat project and the work that they do.

I just got word that a new batch of Teal Cats will be available this Sunday, March 10th, 12pm CST.

AND to make things even more exciting – Canadians can now support the project by purchasing a Teal Cat. Wahooo!

This spring they’re helping out Chi-town. That proceeds from this campaign will go to Treehouse Humane Society! Treehouse does it all: adoption, veterinary care, TNR…they work tirelessly for the felines. And they specialize in in the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured stray cats. So they really help the kitties that need it most, all with their no-kill policy.

So visit Teal Cat this Sunday 12pm CST and be the first to claim your Teal Cats!

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  1. John says:

    Thanks Sarah!

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