Tatty day!

Our German is leaving tomorrow so Gerry and I wanted to get tattoo’d before he goes. The German is afraid of bears so when Gerry and I saw this angry bear in a Sailor Jerry flash book we knew we wanted to get him to tattoo it.

We decided to modify them a bit … my bear is carrying a picnic basket. Gerry’s is carrying a bottle of wine …

I am going to miss The German … I love it when he visits.  🙂

Almost done….  !

Tah Daaaaa! All done and I couldn’t be happier!

It’s so fun to be tattoo’d by your friends … painful … but fun.

Here’s a picture of Gerry’s.

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  1. MissDeeCanada says:

    LOVE IT! I would of thought it was the monkey you were getting, but the whacked out bear is cute!

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