Swing of things…

Wow… the play was over 13 days ago and I’m still trying to adjust. Can’t quite get back into the swing of things they way they were before I got Vagina Fever. I miss all my vagina friends like crazy and while I’ve been trying to put my head down and plow through the work I need to do for VAGG I just don’t have the brain power.

Probably because my brain sounds like this: “Ok. Must get serious. Must get to work. Oh… what’s that? My closet is so messy. Eeek! Let’s clean out the closet. Ok. Closet clean now I can get back to work. What? Ryan Gosling has a band? Oooh he’s dreamy. What a talented actor. Let’s see what he’s working on next. Ok. Seriously. Do some work. Man … my desk is messy. Let’s clean it and then I’ll be able to concentrate. What? I got an e-mail from Afra. Let’s chat back and forth. NO! Get to work. I wonder if anyone has messaged me on facebook. Oh look someone posted photos….”

Seriously… I need help. Vagina fever has messed me up!

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