Sundays are the new – rip a hole in your car tire day.

Went for a nice walk on the beach with The Fergus and The Gerry today, then drove to an estate sale in Oak Bay where I parked the car on the edge of a rock wall and ….
Totally ripped a hole in the tire. Dang it! 🙁Got the car towed and a ride home from a very nice tow truck driver who had dog cookies in his pocket for Fergus. Gotta love a dog lover.

The day wasn’t a total wash. Gerry and I had nice a lazy mans lunch … Mmmmm. I love a lazy mans lunch. Only thing missing was some of that amazing Dr-Cow’s cheese. Wish I could get it up here in The Canada. 🙁

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3 Responses to Sundays are the new – rip a hole in your car tire day.

  1. Eve Love says:

    I just order some DrCow’s cheese this week. This stuff is amazing!!

    I’m so lucky to live 5 minutes from the usa border and to have a store where i can order stuff by mail and go get it by car by myself…!!

  2. Happie Kamper says:

    Yum! That looks good.

  3. Holly says:

    You can order it from Vegan Store! They only have the cashew flavour. But I’m positive Vegan Store ships to Canada!

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