I’m in Kelowna … my flight to TO is delayed cause of weather. Only by an hour, so that’s not so bad and it gives me some time to play solitaire. *laugh*

I bumped into my friend Tracy at the West Jet counter in Victoria. She’s perfect for that job… so capable and smart. I love that girl.

Here we are in Vegas standing by The Go-Go’s tour bus while we stalked them in Vegas.

So I realized this trip and my last trip to NY with Gerry that I have some rituals when I travel.

1. I never touch my face with my hands (I am convinced that it keeps me from getting sick).

2. I never touch the inside of my nose unless I’m using a kleenex. (again keeps me from getting sick).

3. I wash my hands every chance I get. Any chance I can pop into a bathroom and wash my hands, I do. I am Howard Hughes when I travel… I wash them and sing “The Alphabet Song” in my head. I don’t rinse the soap song until that song is over… then I rinse. It’s an old trick I used to do with my niece Heidi so that her hands were UBER clean. Kids are so dirty. She was convinced that soap didn’t do anything so I explained that soap makes your hands clean and that water washes away the germs.

4. Rescue Remedy. I have a little bottle of RR that I spritz in my mouth before take-off and landing. Keeps me mellow. I also spray it before I go to bed.

5. In my carry-on bag I have wet-naps (to clean my hands before eating), Emergen-C, a couple of Echinacea tea bags, kleenex, stuff for upset tummies/diarrhea, heat therapy back patches (in case my back gets sore).

What do you always bring with you when you travel? What can’t you live without?

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