“Sarah, This past weekend I had my very first “Stitch n Bitch” party where I instructed my friends on how to make sock monkeys. Money is super tight this year so I’ve decided to make all my loved ones a sock monkey. They are coming out really freaking cute! I’m using argile socks and polka dot socks and mix n matching, they’re amazing. My friends had a blast too! Many of them had never sewn before, so it was quite an experience. We laughed all night, most of the time making fun of one another, but it was great and I’m looking forward to doing it again in a few months.”

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5 Responses to STELLA!!!

  1. Carol says:

    If those are made from knee socks, please tell me where you found them..I’m always on the hunt for argyle or patterned knee socks.

  2. gypwytch says:

    Those are ADORABLE! Gives me ideas for next year!!! I gotta’ make myself work on these type of things all year so I’ve everyone covered by next Christmas, instead of starting a couple weeks before.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, a lot of the socks that were used were from my ex-boyfriends’ mother. For some reason she thought I had a sock fetish and she always gave me them, so I had quite a few. But, always check the dollar store, they have a great selection of socks and they are only a dollar 🙂

  4. Liz says:

    Could you post the pattern?! Please?! That’s a great gift idea! I’m trying not to buy so much stuff for people this year, because, let’s face it, very few people NEED more stuff. So, I think a sock monkey would be a really good, personal gift. Something that lets someone know you took the time to make it for them. I do the same thing with knitting things for people, it makes it a lot more personal and meaningful!


  5. Hedder says:

    I have a sock fetish 😉

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