Why am I awake so freaking early… when all I desperately want is a good nights sleep?

Meet exhibit A. His name is Stanely and he likes to make me have bad nights sleeps… I love you Stanely… but seriously. Leave me alone.

He likes to jump on me. Purr in my ear. Meow for food and do anything he can to keep me from sleeping. Don’t you know I have a big day today Stanely?

So not only did he keep me up last night, but also the night before. Yay. Now I feel crazy tired and have giant bags under my eyes. Oooooh. Stanely. I’m gonnna get you back somehow!!

Somehow I managed to wake up get myself together before I headed down to the Veg Fair for the demo, where there were some really lovely people waiting to see me.
Then I proceeded to fill them with sugar filled treats and we talked about all sorts of things and I gave away prizes. That’s right PRIZES! If you missed the demo… you missed your chance to win free stuff.

After the demo I had a book signing in another tent, and good golly lolly do you guys ever make me feel like a rock star. Standing in line to say hi to me. Little old me?? I was in shock to see so many people. You guys are sweet. Look… look at how sweet they are:

Then I ate more “chicken” drumsticks… I’m not much of a Mock Meat fan… but these drumsticks from Vegetarian Haven are so wicked good.

Then I ran back to Sho’s house and started baking for Sunday’s demo. I have been here 3 days I think I’ve sat down and relaxed… ummmm… never. What a whirlwind of fun I’ve been having.

For a late late dinner Graham and I stuffed Sho in the Smart Car again and headed over to Pulp Kitchen where I fell in love with the restaurant and the chef,Sam. He made us fabu dish after dish after dish. I was drunk from all the food… I have to say that Pulp Kitchen has become my new favourite restaurant in Toronto.
Ok. TIme to try and get back to sleep before the demo today. I hope I can do it. Wish me luck…

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