Spring has SPRUNG!

You know it’s spring when the flowers come out … weeeee!
We went out to the University for a walk with Fergus yesterday. Uvic is known for having a rabbit problem... Not sure I’d call it a problem but there sure are a lot of rabbits and they were having some serious fun.At one point we felt like we were being watched…But we turned around and he was chill – just wanted to see what we were up to. Then we saw BABY bunnies… oh my lord.
They are so cute!They’re about the size of a tribble and Fergus just about lost his shit he was so excited. I’m pretty sure he just wanted to play with them… but Gerry didn’t want to take any chances of baby bunny carnage so we held him tight. What a nice day!!

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  1. Maria Rose says:

    Bunnies are cuter in Canada. Here they are pretty rough looking, like they might mug you.

  2. girl least likely to says:

    are those domestic bunnies?! when you say “rabbit problem” do you mean that people dump their pet bunnies there? 🙁

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